Thursday, October 14, 2010

Whacked, but Having a Good Day Anyway.

I have a couple of minutes, all the boys are sleeping, so thought I better sit my bootie down and write, even though I don't have a lot of inspiration right now. Except this:

I am getting a tattoo. And I like rap.

Plus, a couple of days ago I bought some new nail polish. Dark nail polish--in blue, slate, and purple. So whatever that all means, I think I am going through my twenty-seven year old crisis. Holy heck what will I be doing at forty????

Anyway, I also got my hair cut today, so I feel like a whole new woman. It makes me want to wear liquid eyeliner.

My marriage, for the first time in like three years, feels strong and secure. This makes me want to take a deep breath and let it out, slow. And then go throw myself on my husband.

However, with the marriage on the upswing, I have had to deal with a lot of my own issues. Now my relationship with myself is all whacked, if that makes any sense. I am sure for all you other crazy women out there this all makes perfect sense. Men might have a harder time relating: my husband sees girl blogs sometimes and is like, "whhhaaaat????" when I totally get it. We. are. Whacked. But life is good anyway. Really good.

I look forward to going out with Joey, something we have been doing a lot of now that he has weekends off. It's like a whole new relationship, like I am dating a new man, and man is he sexxxy hot. So that's been fun.

My boys are growing up, we are almost out of the diaper bag stage, which is good because most of the time I completely forget it anyway. It's funny, when I had Ethan The Diaper Bag was such a big deal. It had to be stylish and absolutely huge, and it went EVERYWHERE with me. And I actually liked carrying it around. Like a I AM A MOMMY symbol. Maybe it's a second child thing or maybe I am just over having babies, but I hate the diaper bag.

Noah is walking around barely, his legs like Frankenstein. He is soooooo cute right now you just want to squeal when you see him. His cheeks, his buns, his smile and eyes! He's right before the stage where they scream if you take anything away from them, so he is still just perfect. He doesn't say mama regularly, but I don't hold it against him too much. He does say DADA and DA for dog. Maybe I'll be next. At least that's what I keep telling myself.
I found a new thrift store! Well, it actually isn't new, it's been around, I just hadn't ever gone and it is AWESOME. I want to go back so. bad. but am exercising some serious self control and staying away for at least four weeks.

And that's about it.

I can't believe they are ALL still sleeping!

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Katie Marie said...

I hear ya sister! I am turning 30 this year! 30!

I think I might finally know who I am. Probably not but maybe.

PS. I love rap music and I am seriously jonesing for a tattoo.