Saturday, October 23, 2010

Me and My Tattoo.

So last night I had a nightmare the tattoo became alive and grew and took over my entire back. It was horrible and I woke up with a dull, aching headache. I thought getting the tattoo would let me sleep peacefully again, but obviously not. However, this morning when I checked her out in the mirror, there she was, and she even seemed smaller than yesterday, which is good. I was having some serious buyers remorse. I needed about ten shoulders to sob into (really, I haven't cried, but I still kinda want to).
As I write this, I keep looking at it, and it is pretty. Just a little edgy and unpredictable, like I said (hmmmm, sounds like ME!)
We will just have to get used to each other, me and this tattoo.
See the circle at the bottom of the flower/peacock thing? My original plan was to pierce that with a pretty little blue jewel. However, seeing as how I have freaked out about the tattoo, I think I might just slow my unpredictable, impulsive ass down and wait a while.
I really tried my hardest not to be impulsive about this. I looked at thousands of tattoos. I looked at designs on my clothes and on my throw pillows. I brought in some ideas. But then when the guy showed me this, sketched in black and white, I was just like, Yes! DO it!
And that's just me.
So in a way we are perfect for each other, me and my tattoo--even if she is keeping me up at night.

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