Monday, April 25, 2011

My Hero.

This little guy has been spotted running all over my house... my yard...

The mastermind behind the mask.
Ethan lives in Superhero World. It's alright by me. Right now he really can't decide what he is going to be when he "gets big" : Superman, a baseball player, or the garbage man. If he chooses the third option, he says I will have to come out of the house and watch him dump our can when he drives by. I said OK.
We bought this cape in Vegas for him after much debating whether it was worth thirty bucks. Being emotional saps for parents after a whole three days away we decided to splurge. It was, of course, worth every shiny penny it cost.

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Anonymous said...

these blogs will be so sweet for your babies to read when they're all grown.. are they saved all the way back to the first ones?