Thursday, January 20, 2011


What to write about. We went to Costco today. Noah is wailing in his crib. He's supposed to be napping. Whenever they are "supposed" to be sleeping and they don't it makes my skin crawl.
I got my hair cut today. Some random guy in Walmart yesterday told me I was beautiful. It was one of those moments where I was irritated with Ethan because he was taking so long to get going and I had this horrible, bull-about-to-charge scowl on my face and then suddenly, out of nowhere, I hear that, and I think I said thank you, and then two seconds later I turned around to see where he went and if he was actually real and he had vanished.
I think he was an angel.
Then I went to the eye center to get a new prescription because I switched to soft contacts after that horrible experience with my hard ones, but now my eyes are changing and I feel like I am going blind, or at least that I will be walking around with bi-focals around my neck very soon. It's all quite depressing. I mean, maybe I can make grandma glasses look sexy, right? Maybe? Please?
Also I have been sick for the first time this year. I thought I was doing so well and then BAM it hit me: the chills, the achiness, the dry eyes. I thought I was just sore from working out more than normal or maybe all my years of kickboxing had finally caught up with me and I was destined to be an invalid from here on out, but it turns out I am just sick and will probably recover, thank the Lord.
I do, however, want really really really bad one of those inverter hangy-upside down things, you know what I am taking about? They sell them at Costco for two hundred bucks and whenever I see it I just want to crawl up on it and hang, and let my back stretch out, and reverse all the blood flow to my brain.  I mean, seriously, it takes every effort in the world for me not to hook my ankles in and try it. We have absolutely no room for it but I am willing to have it be on my side of the bed, along with all the guitars and other crap we store there.
I am having phone issues, thus the trip to Costco to return it. Things got a little complicated, however, so we will probably be making another trip back to Costco this evening. Two trips to Costco in one day with two small children! It should be in the Guinness Book of World Records.
In terms of my flu, I am taking echinacea and viatmin C and lots of hot water with vinegar and honey. Also DayQuil and NightQuil which really take the edge off but also leave me feeling like I may fall asleep right in the middle of a conversation or something. Like blogging...

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Jill said...

I always love reading your blog. It's just so honest. Love it.