Thursday, October 18, 2007


I went to my first class today; I am currently at this moment deciding to skip my second. It started two minutes ago, plus I forgot my notebook and I just don't feel up to asking my fellow stranger classmates if I can have a piece of paper. They always look at you like-what a bum- even as they say, "Sure, no problem."
Just not up for that.
Instead I will go to some cute stationary shop and look for invites to a shower I am throwing for Jess. That sounds WAY more fun than class.
Last night Joey and I watched The Bodyguard. I have always wanted to see this movie. I LOVED LOVED LOVED Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You hit in the nineties; I listened to the radio faithfully all the time with the hopes of hearing her pipes belt out all that emotion. To my eight year old heart I could sense the desire, the angst. I hadn't ever experienced anything like that, but the song made me want to (we are so silly, aren't we?).
Anyway, I never saw the movie when I was younger because it is probably rated R and the song itself was too mature for me anyway.
But I saw the movie at a garage sale and thought I was probably big enough to watch it now so I bought it for a dollar.
Ok people, what was with the nineties??? The hair, the cars...yuk, yuk, yuk! And I am sorry, but Whitney Houston was overdramatic and as an audience member, I never warmed up to her. The guy was fine. She was horrible. Except when she sang, of course.
So anyway it wasn't worth the time or the dollar I spent on it.
Joey tried to warn me before we watched it but as usual I thought he didn't have a clue what he was talking about. As usual, he did. But at least we got to sit on the couch together for two and a half hours.

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