Friday, October 26, 2007

Crticism, anyone?

So I just got a call from a job I LOVE saying that some PEOPLE have been COMPLAINING about a couple of things. This makes me want to scream. For a couple of reasons.
The main one being that I give this job 100% every time I walk through the door, even if I feel like a blob of mucus and can't breath. Even then, I give all of me.
I walk away from it like a dying cat, that's how much I give it. And for the whole rest of the day I feel weak and achy.
In fact, I have been thinking I have been giving too much, and that I could probably tone it down a little.
But then I get this call: "Um, yes, Danae, you are doing so awesome and your are so reliable, but we have gotten some feedback, and we just wanted to let you know, because, you know, it's good to know what people are saying, you know?" (Don't you love it how they call it "feedback"? And no, it actually sucks to know what people are saying. Though I have wondered every so often. Or every day. Whatever.)
So then Joey and I spent a half an hour talking about who the "feedback" was coming from, and then when we narrowed it down to who it had to be from, we talked for another forty minutes or so how coming from these two particular persons made the "feedback" completely and totally and eternally obsolete.
And now I have a hard spot in my heart against these two accused women, even though I actually have no idea if they are actaully the perpetrators and I will have to stop myself from giving them the the evil eye the next time I see them. Or at least the cold shoulder. Because it had to be from them.
The thing is listening to criticism about oneself is about as comforting as a mouth full of sawdust. (I stole the last part of that metaphor; it works so beautifully here).
It seriously makes me want to spit. And kick my cupboards. And some serious bootie the next time I go into work.
Which I will.
I mean, its so hard to hear that you aren't perfect. That some people don't like you. Because I sure love myself.
That's as clear as glass.

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