Sunday, October 28, 2007

Blessings and Bitterness.

Today I have both: blessings and bitterness.
I am blessed by the familiar sound of a loud jet passing over Mt. Rose as Jeff preaches on the God of all Comfort.
I have bitterness like crumbs in my heart that no matter how much I try to sweep and sweep and sweep, won't go away.
I am blessed by the faces that fill the chairs in church, faces that have hugged me and kissed me since I can remember.
I have not so much bitterness as sadness almost leaking into self pity that I sit at church, all dressed up, alone. The chair beside me empty except for the bullitin I put there.
I am blessed when I hug Jeremy and when Old Charlie asks me why I am hugging him I say, "He's my brother." Walking away I remember Jeremy was with me when I bought my first guitar.

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