Thursday, October 25, 2007


I think I would like to adopt a baby. I also think I want a dog. And I also think I want to paint my entire house beautiful ocean blues. (Side note: when I was pregnant I made Joey paint out ENTIRE apartment mustard yellow because I was inspired and the whole thing ended up looking like mustard puke, especially where the paint butted up to our disgustingly gross 1970's dark brown cabinets in the kitchen. Thank God the old lady below us smoked and we had to evacuate permanently. I hated that apartment.)
Joey has calmly reminded me (ok, and sometimes not so calmly; sometimes like, "Danae! I've told you a thousand times I can't handle a dog right now! Its going to pee all over the carpet and ruin things and then the vet bills.." Or- "Danae! we can't paint the house right now! We have no extra money and it will be a huge mess and you will get tired and not want to finish it-and remember the yellow apartment? Hmm? Remember that??") that all my grand ideas have details that will come to the surface; details I will have to live with, like pee and paint drops on the carpet.
I am a big picture person who is only recently learning to look at details, like flossing my teeth, for example. Joey is teaching me.
Joey is ALL about the details. The practical side. The reality.
Of course, I think there is another reality, the metaphor, for example,of adoption as a picture of what God has done with us gentiles. Joey doesn't care so much about the metaphor. Or maybe he does, he just also sees the paper work, the money, and the struggle of trying to love a baby that is not your genes, your blood. Details like this are fading fuzziness to me--until I am in the middle of them.
That's when I freak out.
I am only recently learning to listen to Joey, to value this strength of his to foresee all the crap that is apart of real life.
Sorry this has no real ending but I am late to class.

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