Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Funk's Passing.

Well, that dumb funk is passing. I exercised on Monday and Tuesday night, didn't read anything except for The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe to Ethan but I still think that helped, and have been having pretty good hair days the last two days so the funk is rising, thank God. Oh and I spent yesterday morning with a girlfriend and tea which is pretty much balm for the soul.
I know this funk is totally connected to The Flow: two weeks out of the month I am a normal, functioning, life-loving (normally), woman, and then the other two I am this crazy mofo that cannot stop eating and has to try every second to keep her mind from going into nuts-o land.
Today though, I feel almost great. I got up after only hitting the snooze twice (usually I am more of a four or five times snooze-button woman), got all dressed and ready to go to work without the boys getting out of bed, and then wa-la: Ethan is sick. So here I am, up nice and early, all dressed and feeling good, with no plans.
Which is fine by me. I get to write and I get to do some more "deep cleaning" as my husband puts it: his ultimate surprise gift for when he comes home. He's so weird. He is going to be thrilled to see the bookcases all neat and dusted, the plant sheddings gone from the huge tree plant I have on my nightstand which he hates but I insist stays put to half-way disguise the ugly printer we have in our bedroom.
So, today I say goodbye to the Funk, until about Christmas time, when I know she'll be back.

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Steve & Dea said...

i'm totally a hit the snooe 5 or 6 or 10 times person too! It drives Steve nuts! lol but i calculate the tie i set my alarm for based on how many times i'm going to hit snooze :) Glad your funk passed! Thanksgiving and the days following put me in a funk too...