Friday, December 3, 2010

More Patience...More Pictures.

It was 29 degrees outside (And I really don't know if I am exaggerating that number or not) but as soon as we pulled out the cupcake it was as if Noah was in the Bahamas. He could have stayed there all night.
What you don't see is his poor face when I took the uneaten cupcake away so we could return to the car and de-thaw. He got so mad, his face red like a little lobster. Then, if he could talk, he would have said, "You are a bad, bad, BAD mommy!!!"
I like this one. You may be seeing it in some Christmas card or something.

Happy Friday!!


Erica said...

what cute and beautiful pictures! Truly a special family!

jdenwell said...

Awesome pics!!

Steve & Dea said...

i love the look on Noah's face with that cupcake...Its priceless! :)