Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Errands are Fun!

After working a whole lot, Joey finally had a day off Tuesday. We decided to run errands because when you don't get to be with someone a lot, running errands together sounds fun.
We made a list and loaded the van. We ran all over town, which I was pretty impressed with, because usually after one or two places everyone's tired and ready to go home for food and a nap. We did get in a big fight though, the kind where I swore UP and DOWN that there was never a Joanne's Fabric store next to Albertson's, but he was ready to lay down his life to prove there was. We called his mother and everything (she couldn't remember). Five seconds after we were kinda over it we started the whole thing up again about the location of the old K-Mart (we called my dad on this one and he couldn't remember either).
It's funny two days later thinking back on it, how upset I was--I mean, if you count wanting to leave your husband standing the parking lot at the fabric store all alone while you speed away, both hands clutching the steering wheel like some crazy cartoon--as being upset.
Our last errand was at the cell phone store. During all the arguing Joey and I were doing in the car, Ethan kept mentioning his tummy hurt. Joey went in to do the cell business, and I waited in the car with Ethan. Since it was our last errand and I was tired, I reclined the seat and told Ethan we were going to sleep for a while until Daddy returned.
Then, Ethan burped really loud.
I looked back and his little chest was heaving, and he was gagging, and then he was barfing. I opened the door to run over to his side of the car and the alarm went off. I love cars. And at that moment I REALLY loved my husband who had the keys, and the alarm disabler, in his cozy little pocket. Thinking he'd look out the window any time and see his poor wife trying to comfort his barfing kid in the parking lot who is sitting in a car that is honking continually, I just took a deep breath and told Ethan everything was going to be OK.
A decade later I thought screw this and marched over to the store doors, only to be met by a somewhat bewildered Joey coming out.
"You locked the car." I said.
"You have the keys."
"NO, I don't. YOU do." He pulled the keys out of his pocket and as the honking stopped, the world started to come back into focus for me. I didn't say anything about Ethan though. I just walked over to the car and let Joey take it all in himself.
So far, that's been the biggest doozy Ethan's had. Could be worse I suppose, like diarrhea. Yeah, that would definitely have been worse.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Danae, Joanne's was over by Albertson's on Plumb and K-Mart was on Kietzkie where the grocery outlet and savers are now. Love your blogs as usual.


Dank said...

Isn't it amazing how when you think things can't get any worse, the damn car alarm goes off. That's when the only thing left to do is laugh. This is Dan K by the way.