Saturday, December 13, 2008


I just finished my Christmas shopping, except for Dad. I met Jess out at the mall and we walked around in the cold from store to store. We got free hot cocoa from a lady dispensing it from what looked like a box on her back. It was so good, just the perfect temperature.
Ethan was a doll. I bought him a hat and mittens because all I had dressed him in was a hoody and too-short cords, so his ankles were showing. His new hat is the kind that have those flappies that go over his ears, and it's a little too big. Priceless, really.
I bought myself a soft, white down coat. I have about a bazillion coats, but not one that I can wear with whatever anywhere. So I bit the bullet and bought it. It was on sale, and I was cold too.
Did I mention Ethan was a doll?
It felt good to be outside, even though it was cold. My ears are still cold.
I came home to wrap and realized I was out of a key ingredient in this wrapping business: tissue paper. So I will have to pick some up. And some deep boxes.
It was a surprise to wake up to snow this morning. It was very pretty. I drove to kickboxing on side streets that were covered in huge sheets of ice, but we got there OK. I hate driving on ice. We only passed one accident on the freeway, the SUV like a dead bug flipped upside down.


jessica Mapa said...

Ethan was a doll. My favorite part was in the Gap when he was checking to see if the Zebra was feeling ok and then I gave him medicine and he hugged the little zebra and said, "I'm so proud of you!" :)

Dea said...

Aww kid stories are always the best... so is finishing christmas shopping wish i was finished... i did wrap my husband's gifts tho which is good... :) You make a day shopping in the cold sound delicious Danae!