Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow Days.

I have not regretted one second of this white coat. Ethan's first Frosty.

"Isn't this great Mom? Come lay down in the snow. Lay down in the snow in the sun. It feels so nice Mama, come'on."
I don't know how I thought I could live without these days with Ethan and Joey. Days we are home together, with nothing in particular to do.
Ethan loves the snow. Makes me kinda like it again too. In fact, I have a fire in my pants to go snowboarding. I want a new hobby, something I have never really got into yet. Painting, crocheting, and even decorating the house all seem a little boring right now. I want to fly down a mountain with my cheeks burning from the cold.


jessica Mapa said...

I love love love love love the snowman picture!

Dea said...

so sweet!!! he looks overjoyed to be playing in the snow! How can you not wanna fall in besides him hahaha!