Friday, December 19, 2008

Cheerios and the Chills.

We are eating breakfast. Ethan wants some Tylenol because he thinks it will help his runny nose, so I half heartily give him a couple squirts out of the little dispenser, even though it makes me feel like a lazy mother who can't tell her child no. I did have his breakfast ready though, something we are working on so that he doesn't get up and want to lay on the living room floor with just a sippy full of milk while he cuddles his blankies.
He stuffs a couple of Cheerios into his mouth and then lifts his little fist in the air and drops a couple more for the doggies waiting expectantly. He does this a couple of times before I warn him he's about to start his day with a good morning spanking. He stops.
It is cold cold cold outside. Just looking outside gives me the chills. I think we will get dressed and go try to find the last two Christmas gifts, then we will be ready.

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Dea said...

i think its hysterical that Ethan requests medicine... most kids you have to hog tie and bribe...