Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Most Girl Thing I Have Ever Done. Ever.

So, I have been wanting a pair of designer jeans now for a while. I wondered what all the hoopla was about, if they really could take my large, jiggley butt and make it look firm and not so long looking. I had a bored moment and went on ebay, broke into my husband's account, and bid on a pair of Seven for All Mankind jeans.
I didn't think I actually got them until Joey came to me a couple of days later and said he got an email saying he had to pay for a pair of jeans he bid for on ebay. Yay!
Here's the kicker, the part where being a total female comes in: I ordered them a size too small.
Yes, yes, I did. Totally serious. My thinking, at the time, was that if I ordered a pair of jeans just a tad too small that I really really really wanted wear, that I paid a good amount of money for, then I would be motivated to stop eating so many darn oatmeal cookies. And batter.
When Joey saw the jeans, he was even more perturbed than when he had found out I hacked into his ebay account. "Those look small."
"There not too small," I said. "I just need to lose a couple of pounds."
I tied them on for size and sure enough, they'd be a great fit for Barbie. I somehow managed to get them shut without ripping a gigantic run right down the butt (which I have done, on occasion), and then managed to walk, barely, out to the living room to show Joey that they fit.
"You look like you can't breath."
Hmmm. Come to think of it, was I breathing?
I tugged them off.
Joey told me I looked great the way I was and trying to lose weight to fit into a pair of jeans wasn't very healthy.
I just called Plato's Closet and they said they'd probably give me around fourteen dollars for them. Sniff. Sniff.
I could try to re-sell them on ebay. Or Craigslist.
And yet all day long I keep thinking about how I can lose, or tone up, to fit into them. What I tell ya? Girl, all the way to the core.


jdenwell said...

You go girl!!! Love ya.

Jenny said...

Danae, I have come to realize that life is to short to worry about what size pants I wear or what I weigh on the scale. Each day I count my blessings for another day that God has given me on this earth. I do ling fir the day I will be with him forever. But I try not to stress so much over the little things. I know I am healthy because I eat the right things most of the time (yes there are those times when I eat a cookie or two), I exersize daily and I feel pretty good about that. Heck if I can run a half marathon and not die I feel I am an pretty good health. Jesus does not want us to worry about eat, weigh, or what size jeans we wear. You are a great mommy, wife and child of God. He love you just like Joey said you look good the way you are. Focus on that.
I love you Danae!!!