Monday, September 13, 2010


So these are a little out of order. In fact, they are completely backward. Consider this like reading a book backward. This first one is Noah crashed after his party, on the way home. He partied hard, and with no nap!
This is Noah mid-party, chowing down on his birthday cake. This kid does not mess around.
This was at seven o'clock in the morning. Super awesome to have huge balloons in the sky on your birthday. I remember waking up the morning after I had Noah in the hospital, opening the blinds, and seeing the sky all dotted with the colorful balloons. So awesome.
He liked the balloons, even it it was a little early.
And then these are some of Ethan's artwork. Yes, yes, I know he is headed somewhere incredible, I mean, with talent like this we could be talking BIG. He also is trying to spell, totally on his own. Up there is his name and then his attempt at "mommy" and "Noah". Not bad. Me? Totally impressed.

This is his self portrait and I wish it wasn't on a dry erase board so I could have it professionally framed and keep it for always. Alas, with one swipe of the soft eraser, it was gone. So. Sad.

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