Monday, September 22, 2008

Warning! Make Sure to Lock Up POWDER with All Posionoius and Otherwise Non-kid Friendly Items!

Well, what can I say. It happened again. I don't even hardly use powder, but Ethan has managed to empty a Costco size container in his bedroom. Twice. This time was worse than before. The thing with vacuuming up powder is it comes back out as a cloud of dust. It has been a good week now and your mouth still gets all chalky just walking into his bedroom. I hate to think he is sleeping in that, what it is doing to his young, cancer-free lungs, but what else do you do?
You still get a *puff* of powder rising around you when you sit in the chair. You just can't get this stuff out. I mean, at least it isn't red, right?
He had a blast, I can tell. He told me how he climbed up onto his kitchen in order to reach the powder that was on his dresser. When I found him, he was cooking with it in his kitchen sink. Then he showed me how he was using it as soap to *wash* the ottoman, chair, and all of his toys. You should have seen his toy rocking horse. Looked like a ghost. As with all colossal messes Ethan has made, he was very proud.
I was too, sorta.


Dea said...

how do you clean up powder... i'm sure it was a big job my goodness haha at least you captured it on film so someday when his kids do something equally messy you can remind him haha

Jooste Roost said...

Thanks for the tip. I have the powder out on a dresser right now that Andrew could easily get to. I think I'll go put it away RIGHT NOW :)