Sunday, September 28, 2008

Veggie Tales.

I guess the fall isn't so bad. It's pretty darn beautiful, and still hot as of this weekend. But the mornings and evening are cool, and it's getting darker a couple of minutes sooner each night. I've bought a couple of cute jackets, one classy red one the color of my husband's Igloo lunch pail and another more casual grey, emperor cut one. When I wore it for the first time my dad asked with his still child-like bluntness and curiosity, "Are you pregnant?"
Ethan and I went to his cousin's birthday party yesterday. There was a garden, and Ethan was absolutely enthused. Jenny gave him one tomato and one cucumber and he carried them around, one in each hand, showing anyone who would listen, " See? They came from the garden."
By the end of the party total strangers where taking pictures of him with his vegetables.


undsrvd said...

Gotta good laugh about the pregnant question! I'm sure it had nothing to do with the jacket. You're so skinny that leftover lunch could look like "something" to an anxious gampa. :)

Dea said...

I just love the pictures of Joey and Ethan! they're adorable and I'm sure a wonderful treasure for you!

Jooste Roost said...

I think phoebe looks like Simon's old dog Psalty (the one who drowned in the pool). She was tiny too, but all white and has she got older she started loosing patches of hair so he only had a few really long strands here and there by the end. She started getting warts too... She was a psycho dog (I think Simon, Kel and Adam did her in when they were small, and she was never the same again!) The way dad described her after her surgery sounded just like Psalty! It will be funny to see Simon's reaction when he meets her :)

Jooste Roost said...

Very sweet picture of Joey and Ethan kissing. I love how Andrew puckers up to give me a kiss. He gave me one in the middle of the mall today - on the lips! I must remember that moment when he's 13 and wants me to drop him off 3 blocks from the mall to meet his friends! Can't wait to see you!!!