Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ooo! Ooo! Ooo!

I think it is the change of weather but I can't stop thinking about how I would like to make over my house. I spoke with my friend Angel and she said she is thinking of the same thing. The scary thing about make-overs is every time I get an idea, it's a different one. But the one I had yesterday was something like this:
My bedroom has black and cream bedding. Right now I have a piece of black furniture and a couple pieces of brown. I have a big picture of some lilies that are blues, greens, and creams. I have two big green plants. And I have gold and cream curtains hanging behind my bed, serving as a headboard in a silly way.
My favorite style is older, quaint, cottage-ish. I like my bedroom to be pretty and romantic, but not over frilly. I would like to do is find a pretty, older looking pea green that I could paint my two pieces of brown furniture. Paint the walls a cream instead of white, and (dreaming) finish it off with hardwood floors, the kind that have both light, dark and even blackish tones in them. Then I would get back out my cream shag rug. Not sure if I would keep the gold and cream curtains behind my bed, maybe replace the gold with something else, although I think they would still work as is. So that's the bedroom.
For the hallways I would like to re-paint them a cream versus the tan they are now, lighten things up a bit. And of course, hardwood floors.
The office already has a very peaceful Green on one wall that looks so slick with black furniture. So maybe I will paint my book cases, and desk, black instead of brown.
Ethan's bedroom....this one I am still debating. But I love the molding you can put on the walls halfway down, or even those cottage looking boards that go halfway up the know what I am talking about? And then you paint the top? I just want to make his room super special for him, and I am not sure how to do it. I want to do something that he will grow into, so Cars or a Nemo theme is sorta out. I did see two awesome pictures at TJ Max that I could actually try to to replicate in my amateur way; they were just boxes and circles with all sorts of fun colors.
So that is still up in the air.
The living room....every wall but the big one that goes into the dining area the cream, with the larger wall a dark brown. On this wall I would have to have my cream wood furniture to contrast with the dark wall. Finish it with hardwood floors, a new rug....and curtains. Dark brown curtains, contrasting with my cream walls.
So sorry if that was boring but I needed to get it down so I would remember it. Rarely can I see the whole house like that.


undsrvd said...

It must be the weather! I reorganized my livingroom because I was getting fidgety. It felt like I added on another room! Now I want hardwood floors and to gt rid of that disgusting pale blue carpet! All in due time...I have ti remind myself I'm so blessed to even have a house.

Dea said...

I can't wait to decorate and paint i'll settle for rugs and pictures and doo dads but painting and hardwood floors sound so fun!