Monday, September 17, 2007


I looked at my face in the mirror this morning and all I saw was two lines running down both sides of my face, starting from my lower cheeks, ending right under my lips. If my face were a continent, these would be fault lines from earthquakes.
And I do have earthquakes in my life, one named Ethan and the other Joey. They make me exhausted and worried and now, obviously, wrinkly.
I guess I was just surprised to see them there. I am only twenty four. Isn't this a mid thirties thing at least?
The second I saw them I immediately thought of creams, especially the "Anti-Aging" creams I have been using, not because at the time I bought them I wanted to "anti-age"; no, at that time I had NO issues with my face. It was simply hard to find cleansers and moisturizers that aren't anti-aging. So I was using it as a preventative measure, but when I saw those wrinkles I thought, "Anti-aging bull crap."
So then I thought face lifts, even using my fingers to gently stretch the wrinkles out to see how much of a face lift it would take. Not much at this point anyway. A real minor procedure.
And then I thought, jeese...what am I thinking?
What is with us people?? I just saw a clip where it said that a woman's modeling career is pretty much over at twenty-three. TWENTY-THREE. Well, now I can see why. You start to wrinkle at twenty-four.
Whenever I am reminded of the passing of beauty and youth, especially my own, I tell myself, "See, Danae, there has to be more than firm buttocks, perfect hair cuts, and supple, wrinkle-free skin. If not, it's pretty much over now."
So that makes me think about God. And eternity. My soul is not wrinkling. The more I pay attention to it, nurture it in truth, the more perfect it becomes.
What's so ironic about all this is that I take as much care of my soul as I do my feet, which is to say almost none. Once in a great while I will scrub them with one of those files. Otherwise they stay rough, dry, and increasingly needy. Much like my soul.
So maybe it's time I go lather up my soul with some serious Biblical cleanser, a generous amount of prayer cream. The wrinkles may stay, but my soul can be renewed daily with a guarantee no Mary Kay product can ever offer.

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Jooste Roost said...

my little sister - full of wisdom. thank you for blessing me this morning with your gift of words. miss you and love you lots :)