Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday Morning

Joey came home and is sleeping. Ethan and I will get ready and go to church. I will try not to be grumpy the whole time, which is how I have been the last couple weeks at church. The last time I was in a good mood at church was when I taught Sunday school with a new little girl named Jordan. I felt like I had a purpose there; to be there for her and make her feel loved. She has came back two other times and each time she gives me a hug and makes me feel loved.
I slept in until nine by the way. The blog therapy session really did wonders for me. I went right to bed without thinking of dogs or future children or anything. I just went to bed.
It's overcast here. The ground is wet, which is wonderful for the plants but horrible for our in-the-process-patio we are having put in the backyard.
I think Ethan has a bladder infection. Joey talked to a mom/deputy last night and she said her boys got them when they were little and she had to stop giving them bubble baths. Bingo. For the last week or so I have been giving Ethan a bath everyday with loads of bubbles; not just one capful like my mom used to do; no, LOADS. Because I want Ethan to have everything. I thought I was being such a good mommy for once because I was giving Ethan a bath EVERYDAY instead of twice a week having him in the shower with me, plus I was overflowing the tub with bubbles, and instead of the Amazing Mommy Award we have a bladder infection. See how this mothering thing is? I think I am soaring high and then BAM! Crash and burn.
So anyway, we are going to go get in the SAFE shower.

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