Sunday, September 9, 2007

Changing Seasons

Fall is coming, I can feel it. It's chillier in the morning and in the evening after the sun goes down. I am trying to accept this with grace, even though in this moment I am struggling to see the good in summer's end.
The darkness is the worst. It's only eight-thirty, and it's pitch black outside. Why did God do this?
Its not all bad. Good things about fall include the taste of a warm creamy chai warming me from the inside out, the way the trees turn bright red and orange (like they are angry at the compulsory change too), and jackets, if I could ever find one I love.
I am learning sometimes you just have to wait. Wait and trust, even though you know winter is just around the corner; there is no escaping it. And I am sorry but I am hard pressed to find one good thing about winter, except for maybe the fact that Joey lets me snuggle with him in bed before we go to sleep because we are both freezing our toes off, sometimes it feels quite literally.
There are seasons in relationships too, and I am learning the same rules apply: wait and trust. Breath too.
Rest in the knowledge that God is the same, yesturday, today and forever--and He has never forgotten to bring spring, no matter how hard of a winter passes through.
In the meantime, maybe the lack of sunshine and daylight will bring me indoors, to tea and books and prayer. That is what I need: nourishment, guidence, and hope.
And a versatile jacket that fits perfectly and is in my price range.

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