Sunday, November 23, 2008

Undies and the Kickoff to the Holidays.

He will wear them on his head, but he will not wear them like we all do. He's terrified of them. I mention the word "underwear" and he freaks. His diapers have become a necessity, like his blankies. This three year old marker is fast approaching and I am freaking, at least on the inside.
Starbursts have helped. He is way excited about those--when he goes tinkle on the potty he can choose one out the humongous bag I bought, and he always chooses the light pink ones.
Which by the way when I bought the bag I thought to myself, this is not such a good idea...being that I have always loved Starbursts, especially the pink ones. And the bag is humongous.

We went to a friend's Thanksgiving dinner last night. Joey was able to take a couple of hours off work so he could go too. It was nice to see old friends, the group that we hung out with when we very first were together.
There were babies and toddlers everywhere. All these young mothers, sitting on the couch with
bright, colorful apron like cover ups breastfeeding. Their was one tiny girl, just two weeks old, sleeping in her pink and brown car seat, her eyes clenched shut like she was forcing herself to stay asleep, like she wasn't ready for all the commotion and hoopla of the holidays. I guess sometimes we can all feel like that.

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