Sunday, August 3, 2008


On Wednesday we spent the evening at King's Beach. We drove up around five thirty, sat on the beach a while, then drove over to Tahoe City and had the thinnest, most tastiest pizza right on the Truckee River. Then we drove around the Lake so Joey could show me the legs he runs in his races. It was so nice, but still, yesterday was the most relaxing day of the summer for me, August 2, 2008. Two parties, late in the day, after Ethan and I had napped for two and a half hours. The parties were with family and friends from church, and I got to talk and visit the afternoon and evening away, the best part when sunset came and the air got cooler, relaxingly darker, and still. That is summer to me, what I have been waiting for since around January. I still feel relaxed from it.
Also, though Joey was not with me, I realized Ethan is at the independent age now of two and a half, and I am not nearly as "on call" as I used to be. He plays happily by himself or with his friends, and I only have to step in to give him dinner or take him to time-out for whining, or being mean to Andrew.
I also got to hold my friend's baby boy, this big, warm, heavy mound of sweetness dressed in baby blue jammies. He fell asleep, and I could have sat in that swinging chair out on the patio with him for days, looking down at the up-curl of his dark eyelashes.

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Dea said...

There is nothing like holding a baby and kissing a soft head with downy fluff for hair... Sometimes when I hold a baby I get the faintest feeling like a lick of good candy what being a mommy is like. I know what you mean about summer I love summer rain... its my favorite thing :)Love you!