Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Four Days.

Four days, and I can sleep past four-forty a.m., which means I can take a shower without falling asleep.
Four days, to bathing suits and flipflops and sun baths.
Four days, filled with Joey and Ethan and family--no work!
Four days, to long, drawn out breakfasts where I can re-fill my coffee cup at least three times.
Four days, and I can see Ethan's eyes get big at the sight of an ape, and see him build and scrounge and splash at the ocean.
Four days until the stress of tomorrow and the weariness of today are replaced with carefree in-the-moment-ness.
Four days to long, summer nights outside.
Four days to treats.
Four days, and I am on vacation!

1 comment:

Dea said...

Yay for vacation! Hope you have a wonderful time. The beach sounds delicious right about now cool water warm sand! I think I'm gonna go dream about it!