Friday, July 25, 2008

The weekend sort of.

It's quiet and it's the weekend. I feel like I can let my defenses down, like I can breath. Stress from the week makes my lower back hurt. OK, that and maybe my high heels.
I initiate a conversation with over a hundred strangers a day. No wonder I am a little tense. I come home on the weekends and want to barricade in my house, me, Ethan, the doggies, and nachos. And fruit roll ups.
I look forward to my time at home, to vacuuming and getting two loads of laundry done, and grocery shopping.
It's sad because I don't see Joey, but then God never said that life includes getting weekends off with your husband. We are blessed beyond words because on his weekend, we can go out after I am off work, and we have Nawnie and Ampa and Grandma Patty and Grandpa Shaun and even aunts and uncles and friends who will watch Ethan for us, even if it's kind of a pain, or it butts in on their free time.
This is grace beyond words.

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