Friday, December 30, 2011

Play Day.

We are going to Graeagle today to see Daelynn and Chuy and the girls. I can't wait!! The boys are already up there, which is why I am enjoying an incredibly quiet morning on the couch in my bathrobe with my coffee and the blog.
It's very nice.
The holidays were lovely. It's a little much, all the gifts, but at the same time it gives us a reason to come together and laugh and smile while watching the kids open, open, and open the presents. Noah's reactions this year were priceless: lots of wide eyes and "ooo's" and hand clapping, lots of hand clapping. When he'd get really excited he'd get his whole body into it, squatting low and jumping, up and down.
We are celebrating Ethan's birthday today with my side of the family. He wants a cake with chocolate frosting and a snowman made out of marshmallows on top.
It hasn't snowed yet. I don't mind, seeing as I can wear whatever shoes I want and I don't have to worry about driving the new car on ice.
But it seems a little odd, like we are stuck in fall, almost like we are living in Groundhog Day. I feel like when it finally does snow time will pick back up and bring us up to date. Joey hasn't been able to use his snowboard pass.
Maybe it will make it seem like summer will come sooner than later. Now that the holidays are over, the long wait begins. In winter it's hard to recall the warm days of summer, and even harder to imagine them ever being a reality again.
But they do come, every year, the earth slowly rotating steady and sure even when we are unaware that every second is bringing us closer to the warmth of the sun that washes the skies in oranges and pinks.

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