Thursday, June 30, 2011

All Alone.

Came home boy-less (the little boys are camping with Nawnie and Ampa, and the bigger one is golfing) and the first thing I did was strip off my shirt. It's wonderful to be able to walk around in just my bra with no boys around. Haven't been able to do this in years, and I miss is terribly. There is something so freeing and  comfortable about it, especially when it's hot and I've been dealing with sweat pools in my pits all day. (o boy. Have I said to much? I am sure Joey has loved the small hiatus on the blog. But I'm back now, sweat pools and all).
It's funny coming home to a quiet house, my ears ringing to the silence. I'm loving my alone time but all it takes is to walk by Noah's room, see his empty crib, and I am suddenly missing him, reminded how blessed I am to have my boys.
But now back to the alone time. It's fabulous. My body feels like it can relax, there is no noise, no needs needing to be met, just me, walking around in my bra, eating snacks.

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