Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Woke up to snow this morning and haven't decided if I am excited to have to shovel or not. It's Thanksgiving week, and I really love the holidays. I love shopping (but you already knew that), I love the parties, the family, the friends, the food. I even like the cold weather, the snow. Winter and I get along pretty well until about February or March, and then by April (when it should be getting warm but it doesn't) I really hate it.
I can't wait to go get our tree, to decorate it together and put the first few gifts under it. The plans aren't set in stone yet but we are also planning on taking the boys with Nawnie and Ampa to the train in Portola where they serve hot chocolate just like in the Polar Express. I've wanted to take Ethan to this for two years and always seem to miss it.
We also have some Christmas parties coming up, one for Joey's work at the Peppermill that's going to be an overnighter, complete with a massage from the spa. I'm just a little bit excited about that.
I usually do a Christmas card with a letter about our year and a picture, but haven't started this year's yet. I've done it for the last four or so years, and want to put together a book with the letters and the pictures so it will be a quick reference of our life. Might work on that today...
I've also been working on a photo album from Shutterfly and have about four pages left till I reach the max amount of pictures they'll let me use in a book. It's about three years worth of pictures.
I love chronicling our life. It's really neat to see Ethan grow and change, and now Noah too. Noah is just like Ethan (in looks) when he was Noah's age.
I've been really feeling domestic lately. Maybe it's the holidays. Anyway, it's fun. Maybe I'll go bake some bread or something.

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