Tuesday, August 28, 2007


So I started school yesterday. The last semester of a six or seven year journey through UNR's ideologies that has been, shall we say, hard. I feel more grounded this semester (I think that every semester, and then--never fails--three weeks into it I about lose it--my faith, that is). Miraculously (do you know how many times the Bible uses the word chosen?) I am ALWAYS brought back to Truth. Back to grace. Back to love and goodness and faith and mystery that is embodied in the person of Jesus. And in moments of clarity I see as clearly as I saw the sunset last night or am looking at this computer screen in front of me that He is holding me in a deathgrip that will never let go.
I have another class here in fifteen minutes. sigh.
These people here are well-meaning but I have tasted something sweeter. Something eternal.
Of course, one charismatic or even good looking professor's differing exposition and my soul starts pining. Its a vicious cycle.
At the end of it all, however, vicious though it may seem, is the One who is THE OMEGA.
Looking at life in the Big Picture way ("[God is] the Alpha and the Omega") and not the Little Picture way ("but it doesn't make sense to me!") is a deep well of peace that my thirsty soul would do well to be drenched in with regularity.
"Be still, and know that I am God."

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