Thursday, August 23, 2007


We went to the most beautiful place in the world for four days; a place filled with tall aspens and even taller pine trees, all mixed together in the most beautiful way. It's like being in a rain forest, only in the mountains and minus any rain, of course.
My family has been going to Lakes Basin campground ever since I can remember. I have the most wonderful memories of this place: swimming for hours in the freezing creek, eating jerky and smarties and sunflower seeds on hikes, making up whole new worlds with my little sister out of rock crevases, and playing kick the can at dusk (one time I will never forget I hid in a bush that was also housing a wasps' betcha I was doing the wild banchee and screaming my head off. I came away with only four or five bites and a turd or two in my undies. Not bad, considering).
Camping with a child is different than camping with just your husband or better yet, being the child. We have decided we will not go camping alone, meaing just the three of us, until Ethan is at least four years old. Joey even says five.
This time was great because at one point we had both sets of grandparents there to watch and play and entertain little Bubba. We were supposed to stay the last day by ourselveves but ended up packing up and comming home early, which I am very glad we did. Having a child means a lot of adjustments, one being able to pull out of campsites early when the grandparents have already gone home.
Of course I loved being there with Ethan. My favorite part was taking the trip to the potty, Ethan holding my pointer finger. He lets me hold his hand now. It was the best at dusk when our shadows stretched out in front of us and I could watch his little hand in mine as we walked along. I wanted a picture but he wasn't into it when I finally had Joey follow us with the camera. He was more interested in squating like a caveman and picking up rocks.
A couple of days we had fresh trout that Joey caught. I never thought Joey was much of a fisherman, but he looked natural with his fishing fanny wrapped around his waist, pole in hand. It's amazing the things we learn AFTER those wedding vows are said. Not that I am complaining--I like fish.

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Jooste Roost said...

I've been checking your blog all week (even though I knew you were camping) dumb, huh? Andrew likes to hold my hand too - he is really walking fast these days - not by himself yet, but just when he's holding mommy or daddy hands. I love it!